Digital media in Australian homes 2006

30 May 2007

ACMA research shows that growth in the adoption of digital free-to-air television has more than doubled since July 2005 - to 30 per cent of households - but that many non-adopters are still not aware of the future changes to free-to-air television.

The report gives the full results of ACMA?s second national study into the household adoption of digital media, the drivers for adoption, reasons for non-adoption and awareness of digital television (preliminary results were released in November 2006). A first, more detailed, study was conducted in 2005, and a third study will be undertaken later this year that will build on the previous surveys.

The household penetration of digital free-to-air television has more than doubled to 30 per cent since July 2005?s level of 13 per cent. According to the report, the main reasons for adopting digital free-to-air television were clearer pictures, the replacement of television sets, improved reception and extra channels. It is estimated that approximately 41 per cent of households overall had either digital free-to-air television or digital subscription television.

Despite the growth in the take-up of digital free-to-air television, there are a substantial number of non-adopters who appeared to be some distance away from adopting. Around half of all the households surveyed lacked interest or were not sure if they were interested in adopting.

Knowledge gaps are evident in the 40 per cent of all surveyed households who did not know whether digital free-to-air television is available in their area, one-third who did not know about the future switch-over from analog to digital, and 14 per cent who said they had not heard of digital free-to-air television.

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