Learning leaders in times of change: academic leadership capabilities for Australian higher education

30 Jul 2008

Leaders are learning like students, according to this report, funded by the Australian Learning and Teaching Council. The project surveyed more than 500 Australian higher education leaders from 20 institutions about the contexts and challenges they face and the key capabilities that underpin their work.

A key recommendation of the report is that universities should ?practice what we preach? by constructing leadership learning programs that model the approaches to learning that are now being advocated for use with higher education students. Professional development for leaders should use case-based and problem-based learning situated in the context of each particular role, and should foster targeted support networks for people working in the same role. Leaders must become particularly skilled at not only identifying what changes must be made to keep up with the continuous movement in their operating context, but also at making sure these agreed changes are put into practice successfully and sustained.

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