Re-imagining science education: engaging students in science for Australia's future

1 Aug 2007

The failure of school science to respond to the changing needs of students and the changing nature of science itself has created a crisis in Australian science education that shows no sign of abating according to a new review of research. Russell Tytler calls for major curriculum reform, arguing that the time has passed for tinkering around the edges of a science curriculum that belongs to the past.

Using research presented at ACER?s Research Conference 2006, Boosting Science Learning ? what will it take? as a base for a broad and intense review of the literature, the review calls for a ?re-imagined? science education that is focused not only on preparing future scientists, but also on engaging all young people in science. ?We see clear evidence that the curriculum and classroom practice are failing to excite the interest of many, if not most, young people at a time when science is a driving force behind so many developments and issues in contemporary society,? Professor Tytler writes.

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