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29 Nov 2010

This study aims to bring the role of population mobility into contemporary academic understandings of socio-spatial polarisation. The term, ‘socio-spatial polarisation’ refers broadly to the growing gap between rich and poor households in both socio-economic position (‘socio’) and geographic location (‘spatial’). While an extensive literature...

Discussion paper

28 Sep 2009

This positioning paper provides the empirical update from 2001 to 2006 on the need for, and supply of, low rent stock in the private rental market.

It addresses the following questions:

1. Within the private rental sector, what has happened to household incomes...


24 Aug 2009

This report is designed to evaluate the concept of ‘housing submarkets’ in terms of its relevance for social housing analysis and to assess its usefulness in informing management and administrative practices in the social housing sector.

The submarket concept has not been employed in...


1 Aug 2009

Between 2001 and 2006, Australia’s private rental sector grew by 11 per cent bringing the total number of private renter dwellings to 1.47 million.


30 Mar 2009

Gentrification refers to the in-migration of affluent households to poorer and lower value areas of the city. In Australian cities like Melbourne and Sydney this process has become notable in a significant number of suburbs. While gentrification has appeared to increase investment in the housing...

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