High speed to broadband: measuring industry demand for a world class service

23 Oct 2008

Drawing on a survey of Australian CEOs, this report highlights the critical importance of lifting the performance of Australia?s broadband network. Among the findings:

  • Over 93% of companies indicated that the internet has had a positive impact on their efficiency/productivity
  • 66% of businesses believe their business will benefit greatly from faster broadband.
  •  69.7% of regional firms would see a great benefit from faster broadband.
  • Faster broadband is expected to lead to large increases in financial activity for 36% of businesses, with a further 45.1% of companies expecting small increases.
  • 29.6% of small firms indicated they have a low degree of skills which would prevent them seizing opportunities arising from the deployment of high speed broadband.
  • 73.5% indicated that they were likely to upgrade to high speed broadband, if available.
  • Reliability of service was the dominant factor influencing the extent of uptake.
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