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Internet and cross media productions: case studies in two major Danish media organizations

21 Sep 2006

Convergence is one of the hot topics in Internet studies. Recently, however, media organizations have turned their focus to cross media communication. Media organizations are interested in optimizing communication across platforms such as TV, radio, websites, mobile telephones and newspapers. The aim of this article is to examine the roles of the Internet when emphasis is put on cross media rather than convergence. This article proposes not one unidirectional convergent tendency but manifold roles of the Internet in cross media communication. Inside the media organizations, however, the Internet continues to play a minor role when compared to older media. The content of the cross media concepts and organizations? history are crucial elements in deciding the priority and use of platforms. Methodologically, the article approaches cross media and the roles of the Internet on a micro-level by studying case examples in a regional news organization and a national broadcasting corporation in Denmark.

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