Road safety on the information superhighway

7 Nov 2008

Towards the tail-end of the last century the term ?Information Superhighway? emerged to encapsulate the vision of an Internet-enabled world. It was a vision promoted by former US Vice President and Internet champion Al Gore.

As reported in the New York Times almost exactly15 years ago (October 26, 1993) : "One of the technologies Vice President Al Gore is pushing is the information superhighway, which will link everyone at home or office to everything else?movies and television shows, shopping services, electronic mail and huge collections of data."

The term itself has gone out of vogue in recent years, perhaps because it was seen as lacking the pizzazz and technical savvy we like to associate with our cutting edge industry. Highways are, after all, just infrastructure and lack techno-appeal!

Nevertheless Al Gore and his contemporaries weren?t far off in their vision and an analogy I came across recently convinced me that the term may have more modern relevance than most of us are prepared to admit.

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