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CHASS - the next steps: Discussion paper

22 Aug 2008

“This false divide between the arts and science, between the arts and industry, between the arts and the economy: we’ve actually got to put that to bed. As if creativity is somehow this thing which only applies to the arts, and innovation is this thing over here which applies uniquely to the sciences, or technology, or to design. This is actually again a false dichotomy: it’s just not like that. Our ambition should be to create and to foster a creative imaginative Australia because so much of the economy of the twenty-first century is going to require that central faculty.” Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, in his closing address to the 2020 Summit in Canberra on 20 April 2008

The short paper is designed as a discussion starter for ‘CHASS – the Next Steps’. At our meeting on 3 September speakers will be invited to respond to the issues raised in this paper and raise new issues they see as relevant to the current circumstances. There will be opportunities for small-group discussions before a concluding plenary session. Thus the foundations will be established to guide CHASS in the next phase of development.


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