Teaching talent: the best teachers for Australia's classrooms

26 May 2008

Australia’s best teachers should be paid almost $130,000 as a key step in recognising their value to society and strengthening the teaching profession, according to this report. The authors also recommend creating two new levels of teacher certification beyond initial registration, to allow the best teachers to be recognised as ‘accomplished’ and ‘leading’, as part of a much needed overhaul of remuneration.

The report also recommends:

• Recruiting the most talented, capable and committed people into the teaching profession;
• Introducing new national certification system that recognises excellent teachers and provides the basis for a new career path for the profession;
• A new remuneration structure that rewards excellent teachers and demonstrates that, as a society, Australia values the teaching profession;
• A comprehensive strategy that supports teachers in continuing to learn and improve their teaching throughout their careers; and
• The introduction of a national assessment and accreditation system for teacher education courses.

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