Equipping every learner for the 21st century

11 Feb 2009

As the world's economy becomes more integrated and more sophisticated, economic prosperity, social wellbeing and personal fulfillment will depend increasingly on a new set of skills. In both developed and developing nations, teachers and young people have embraced new technologies to connect, collaborate, learn and create. Employers, in turn, are seeking workers with different skills to help them better compete in the global marketplace. Everywhere, societies need civil servants, social entrepreneurs and advocates who can develop creative solutions to society's greatest challenges: demographic change, global health, sustainability and global security.

Already, the best educational leaders are seeking to transform their education systems to meet this pressing challenge. But, despite numerous efforts, existing systems are proving resistant to large-scale change and few efforts are succeeding.

In this study, Equipping every learner for the 21st century, Cisco worked with leading educational thinkers from around the world to propose a new paradigm of 21st century learning: one that will require a transformation of education systems, using new pedagogic techniques to teach 21st century skills delivered through education reform agendas. While the vision is global, the challenges, opportunities and rewards will be both local and personal.

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