Towards a sustainable e-Participation implementation model

7 Nov 2008

This paper proposes a framework for an effective e-Participation model that can be suitable under certain socio-economic settings and applicable to any country. Most of such previous initiatives were experimental in nature and lacked in both public awareness and clearly defined expected outcomes.

A great majority of the existing frameworks are inadequate to address their universal applicability in countries with certain socio-economic and technological settings. Though there is so far no ?one size fits all? strategy in implementing eGovernment, there are some essential common elements in the transformation. Therefore, this paper attempts to develop a singular sustainable model based on some theories and the lessons learned from existing e-Participation initiatives of developing and developed countries, so that the benefits of ICT can be maximized and greater participation be ensured.

The model is initially presumed to be sustainable since it is designed to fit under any socio-economic conditions of a country and can be initiated both by public (state) and private agencies. The study also reviews current research on e-Participation and assesses existing endeavours and challenges for the countries.

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