Creating scholarly tools and resources for the digital ecosystem: building connections in the Zotero Project

21 Aug 2008

What does ?Web 2.0? mean for universities, libraries, and museums? The experience of the Zotero Project at the Center for History and New Media (CHNM) at George Mason University, an open source initiative to provide a high?quality bibliographic, research, and note?taking tool that now serves over a million people in 35 languages, might be helpful as a guide. Although success has many fathers ? most importantly the core team led by CHNM?s Director of Research Projects Sean Takats and Lead Developer Dan Stillman ? this paper argues that one critical element of the Zotero Project has been the way in which we think of any scholarly tool or resource as existing in an interconnected digital ecosystem ? that is, the way in which the Project looks beyond itself.

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