Regional Development Policies in OECD Countries

1 Jan 2010

Policy makers need both a handy reference guide to the regional policies of their own and other countries and a broader analysis of trends in regional policies, based on sound, comparable information. Regional Policies in OECD Countries responds to this need. It is the first systematic, comparative analysis of OECD countries' regional policies.

It begins with an overview of the regional policy today. This is followed by country profiles covering OECD members. The profiles share a common conceptual framework, allowing countries to see how their experiences measure up. The report also contains several annexes, which provide an outline of regional policies in the EU. The annexes also cover the key topics of cross-border co-operation and trends in urban-rural linkages, with a focus on efforts to control urban sprawl.

The report will help countries to better understand regional policies and to formulate and diffuse horizontal policy recommendations. The analysis suggests an important role for regional policies in shaping sustainable endogenous development, in particular well-developed governance mechanisms to better respond to the different opportunities and demands of regions and to improve policy efficiency.

This report is a unique source of regional policy information and of special interest to policy makers, researchers, and others engaging with regional development.

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