Seriously cool: marketing and communicating with diverse generations

16 Aug 2007

Separating the generational hype and conjecture from the serious, usable research and analysis is a challenge. McCrindle Research report an increasing number of organisations identifying generation gaps as the cause of failed communication, ineffective marketing and even workplace conflict. Yet some commentators are beginning to question the practical applicability of generational segments.

In response, McCrindle set out to research the generational segments and to explore a number of unresolved questions. 1. How does generational segmentation fit into more traditional market segmentation models? 2. How can marketers apply generational analysis without including sweeping generalisations that could render their marketing communications invalid and ineffective? 3. What are the emerging drivers of consumer behaviour amongst generational segments? 4. What trends can be observed in the media and communication consumption habits of the diverse generations? 5. What communication styles are most applicable to the diverse generations?

This white paper provides a big-picture analysis of our changing times and generational shifts, and points to some of the drivers of the generational debate. In the process it delivers insights into both marketing strategy and the marketing and communication tactics that will result in deeper engagement with the diverse generations.

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