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Settlement of immigrants in regional South Australia: role of socioeconomic determinants

21 May 2009

The recent mining boom in the states north (Whyalla) and the shortage of skilled people experienced by mining sector, steel industry, health and social sectors, has created the need to employ migrant population to fill these positions. Moreover, a government initiative to attract and push immigrants to regional areas with policy level changes has given impetus to immigrants' settlement in regional Australia. The local council, with industry partners and Whyalla Economic Development Board, has strategic plans in making settlement a positive experience for the migrants. While Longitudinal Survey of Immigrants to Australia conducted by Department of Immigration and Citizenship provides an overview of settlement experiences of immigrants in Australia; relatively little is known about settlement experiences of immigrants in regional South Australia. A collaborative pilot research project with Whyalla Economic Development Board was initiated in 2008 to determine the settlement experiences of recent immigrants to Whyalla (a regional town in South Australia) that would include employment, housing, education, health and social aspects of living in a regional rural community.


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