In search of solutions: how people use the Internet, libraries, and government agencies to find help

25 Jan 2008

A new survey by the Pew Internet & American Life Project in partnership with the University of Illinois -Urbana-Champaign challenges the assumption that libraries are losing relevance in the internet age.

Libraries drew visits by more than half of Americans (53%) in the past year for all kinds of purposes, not just the problems mentioned in the survey. And young adults in tech-loving Generation Y (age 18-30) led the pack. Compared with their elders, Gen Y members were the most likely to use libraries for problem-solving information and in general patronage for any purpose.

Furthermore, young adults are the most likely to say they will use libraries in the future when they encounter problems: 40% of Gen Y say they would do that, compared with 20% of those above age 30 who say they would go to a library.

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