Responding to young people disclosing sexual assault: A resource for schools

10 Nov 2008

This ACSSA Wrap provides information about young people's experiences of sexual assault, the barriers they face to disclosing such experiences, the process of disclosure for young people, what you and your school can do to support somebody who has disclosed sexual assault and why it is so important to provide positive and supportive responses.

Australian schools have made a significant commitment to reducing violence, including sexual assault, in schools and supporting students who have been victims of violence. For example, the National Safe Schools Framework (Department of Education Science and Training [DEST], 2003a, 2003b) prioritises young people's safety as a whole-of-school issue. It can also be seen in the efforts of states and territories to provide guidance to schools in responding to sexual assault in schools. This Wrap aims to supplement these national and state and territory initiatives.

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