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Initial impacts of OPAC2.0 on Powerhouse Museum online visitation

28 Aug 2006

In mid June 2006 the Powerhouse Museum launched the new online collection database. Internally referred to as OPAC2.0, the project put online nearly 62,000 object records, and 30,000 images, opening access to these records with intelligent search tools, serendipity tools and the ability for users to self-classify using folksonomies. In just six weeks visitiation to the Museum?s website increased over 100% (excluding spiders and bots). In the 6 weeks from June 14-July 31 OPAC2.0 on its own received 239,001 visitors (excluding internal museum users) who performed a total of 386,199 successful searches leading to object views (we currently track anonymous data on search terms linked to object views to provide the necessary data for our recommendation engine) and over 1.2 million individual object views. In this post Seb Chan looks at some of the initial trends that are being observed.

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