Full Time

Economic Policy Analyst

Closing date
03 Jun 2108
Job Location
Canberra ACT
Job Description


Solving the economic challenges of Australia’s cities

You will be developing policy advice end-to-end. This begins with consideration of the economic framework that underpins the policy area, followed by a marshalling of the evidence, including analysing and presenting relevant data.  You will also consult and learn from experts in the particular cities policy area you are responsible for, as well as tapping into the latest research and reports in the field.  Finally, based on the theory and the evidence you will present policy issues and solutions using graphics, charts and other visuals. 

The role provides an opportunity to learn the following skills:

  • High level economic theory and its application to real world policy advice
  • Analysing economic data to support policy change
  • Verbal presentation skills and the capability to create compelling visuals
  • Economic writing, including how to write succinctly and with precision, particularly regarding complex quantitative or economic concepts and;
  • Engagement that draws on expert networks for input, advice and assistance across the Department and broader Commonwealth Government.

For further information on this vacancy, please visit the department’s website: www.infrastructure.gov.au/careers