Delivering a good life for every Victorian

VCOSS state election platform 2018

13 Jun 2018

Victoria is a strong, prosperous and vibrant community. Few, if any, of the challenges we confront are genuinely unable to be overcome. Working together, we have the expertise and affluence to deliver a good life for every Victorian.

Overcoming the state’s challenges requires two key ingredients: the commitment, vision and determination of our political leaders, and the authentic involvement of the wider Victorian community.

This document presents a vision for Victoria that has the attainment of ‘a good life’ at its core.

VCOSS believes a good life should be central to the policy platform of every political party contesting the 2018 Victorian election.

  • Everyone instinctively grasps the concept of a good life. It means:
  • having a safe and affordable place to call home
  • affording the basics, paying for food, energy, transport and general costs of living
  • having a great education to grow and develop our talents, leading to a job with security and a decent wage
  • prioritising health, with support to recover from illness and manage disabilities
  • living free from violence, abuse and neglect, and
  • being part of a community with friends and loved ones.
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