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Growing Up in New Zealand is New Zealand's contemporary longitudinal study tracking the development of approximately 7,000 New Zealand children from before birth until they are young adults. The study is designed to provide unique information about what shapes children’s early development and how interventions might be targeted at the earliest opportunity to give every New Zealand child the best start in life. Here at Growing Up we are committed to maintaining contact will all our participant families and ensuring that each one of your 7,000 voices is heard and has the opportunity to contribute to research that will help shape positive outcomes for all children growing up in 21st century New Zealand.

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Growing up in New Zealand: a longitudinal study of New Zealand children and their families
14 Jun 2018

Starting school is an important milestone for every child and their family. This report gives us some insight into what contributes to making that process more positive or challenging, from the perspective of the cohort parents.

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