Deciphering Tim Storer

25 Jun 2018

He speaks quietly, carefully, without the bluster of more seasoned parliamentarians. “I have a significant belief in entrepreneurial enterprise, and having a go,” says Tim Storer, the newest face in Australia’s turbulent Senate. Already, he is proving to be one of that chamber’s least predictable figures.

Storer entered parliament in February amid the continuing fallout of the dual citizenship drama that has shaken the upper house. He had stood at the 2016 election for the Nick Xenophon Team in South Australia, but lost. When one of the party’s successful candidates, Sky Kakoschke-Moore, resigned in November after she discovered she was a dual citizen, the High Court declared Storer her replacement. Having already quit Xenophon’s party, he took his seat as an independent.

Barely a month later, he sprang to national prominence when he denied Malcolm Turnbull’s government a crucial vote it needed to pass its proposed company tax cuts. He also opposed most of the government’s income tax cuts, which passed the Senate late last week. He could play a pivotal role again when the government brings back the company tax cuts this week.

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