Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Transport Taskforce


The taskforce comprised the following members as at July 2018: Brian Negus (Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Board member and Taskforce Chair), Jason Price (Port of Melbourne), Caryn Anderson (Port of Melbourne), David Collomb (Bombardier), Richard Elkington (Paradise Consulting), Mick Gleeson (Unigrain), Nerida Kerr (AgBiz Assist Limited), Associate Professor Hermione Parsons (Deakin University), Peter van Duyn (Deakin University), Paul Sabo (Monash University), Geoff Smith (SCT Logistics), Peter Valentine (Geelong Taxi Network), Steven Wojtkiw and Katherine Smith (VCCI Taskforce Policy Secretariat).

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3 Jul 2018

This strategy report, developed by the VCCI, in partnership with a team of industry experts, sets out how Victoria’s transport system can meet the challenges of strong population and trade growth.

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