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Consumer Safeguards Review Part A — Redress and complaints handling: consultation paper

5 Jul 2018

The Consumer Safeguards Review (Terms of Reference at Appendix A) will be conducted in three parts and aims to ensure that consumers:

  1. can access an effective complaints handling and redress scheme that provides transparency and accountability of telecommunications providers for their performance (Part A)
  2. have reliable telecommunications services, including reasonable timeframes for connections, fault repairs and appointments (Part B)
  3. are able to make informed choices and are treated fairly by their provider in areas such as customer service, contracts, billing, credit/debt management and switching providers (Part C).

This consultation paper is seeking your views on proposals to reform Redress and Complaints Handling (Part A).

Consumers are increasingly reliant on communications services. We expect that voice and internet services will be easy to connect and reliable, and that when things go wrong our service provider will resolve problems quickly. When this doesn’t occur, we expect that simple, easy-to-navigate safeguards will be in place to assist us.

This paper sets out the problems and complexities that consumers face when navigating current regulatory and institutional arrangements and proposes reforms to address these problems.

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