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28 Sep 2017

A key element of this study is quantifying the extent of uncertainty about likely future trends. These uncertainties reflect the challenging task of balancing all the macro trends that might influence the future of work.

9 Aug 2012

In the film Pulp Fiction , Vincent Vega (John Travolta) recalls the experience of eating McDonalds in continental Europe where fries are drowned in mayonnaise and the metric system reigns supreme.

Creative businesses are experiencing similar feelings of disorientation as they figure...

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21 Jun 2012

We have all heard the statistics about China's stellar growth and the large market for UK creative industries. But the trade numbers paint a different picture, suggesting that the UK is punching below its weight.

This is not altogether surprising. Doing business in emerging...

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1 Nov 2008

This paper investigates the role that arts and humanities research plays in the innovation system.

Key findings:

Arts and humanities research broadens our knowledge and provides new ideas that can be applied directly in innovation. For that research to be valuable,...

Research report

12 Sep 2007

R&D and ICT are both important drivers of productivity. But they are also simplifications, and the money spent on each can be both a fantastic investment and a missed opportunity. In this paper, we survey the 'conditioning' factors behind the success or failure of these...

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