Factors affecting crime rates in Indigenous communities in NSW

10 Aug 2009

There are notable differences in the Local Court data on crime rates between different Aboriginal communities in NSW.

Despite this, there has been a lack of qualitative research on the factors affecting crime rates in Aboriginal communities.

With support from the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, this pilot study set out to look at two towns with significant Aboriginal communities that are comparable in terms of geography, population and context, but with higher or lower crime rates. The aim of our study was to identify common themes and factors that may be considered to have an impact on crime rates being higher in Wilcannia and lower in Menindee.

This Community Report outlines the findings of interviews undertaken in Wilcannia and Menindee with a range of community and organisational representatives and others working in relevant criminal justice and service delivery roles, as a way to better understand the dynamics and experiences of the communities as a whol.

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