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Start building now for an electric vehicle future

26 Jul 2018

Civil engineers need a cohesive strategy to cope with the infrastructure demands likely to result from the surge in electric vehicle use within the next seven years, says Chris Evans of the Rolton Group.

The UK government’s commitment to ban solely petrol and diesel car sales by 2040 means the clock is ticking for transport and energy engineers to ensure the nation’s infrastructure is ready for electric vehicles (EV). However, EV uptake could be much quicker both in the UK and worldwide, with EV batteries and internal combustion engine costs set to reach commercial parity as early as 2020. Nissan estimates that EV prices will draw level with conventional cars by 2025 (Campbell, 2018). Society could therefore be facing a widespread uptake of EVs in the next seven  years, with a potential major impact on transport and energy infrastructure.

Read the full post at The Civil Engineer, blog of the Institution of Civil Engineers UK.

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