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Parliamentary Budget Office operational plan 2018-19

30 Jul 2018

The Parliamentary Budget Officer is an independent officer of the Parliament of Victoria and Chief Executive of the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO).

The PBO has the following legislated functions:

  • to engage with parliamentary leaders to prepare election policy costings, pre-election reports and post-election reports
  • to engage with members of Parliament:

The following documents are prepared by the PBO and tabled in Parliament:

  • Operational plan (this document) – prepared in consultation with the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee, it contains priorities for the upcoming financial year and protocols for members of Parliament to access PBO services
  • Annual report – contains information about PBO performance for the previous financial year, and the organisation’s current state, outlook and direction
  • Report of operations during election costing period – produced within three months after an election, it contains information about PBO performance related specifically to the production of election costings, pre-election reports and post-election reports.

Confidentiality and legislative requirements limit the information that the PBO releases. However, all information that is made publicly available, is published to the PBO website.

Under the Parliamentary Budget Officer Act 2017 (Vic.) (the Act), during an election costing period, the PBO is required to prioritise preparing election policy costings, pre-election reports and post-election reports above all other services.

The PBO has identified priorities critical to effectively managing its strategic challenges. These are listed in the following table with information against each about:

  • key achievements over the last three months
  • actions for 2018-19.


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