Wuyin Lin

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Lin joined the Environmental & Climate Sciences Department in 2009. His research centers on climate modeling system development to achieve high-fidelity physical and regional details. The works he is involved cover multiple essential elements for a successful model. He coordinates a collaborated effort to develop an integrated regional climate modeling system building on popular community regional and global climate models. He leads the efforts to develop a single-column model testbed for the FAst- physics System Testbed and Research (FASTER) project, to support the development and evaluation of physical parameterizations in weather and climate models. To enhance the model evaluations, he also works on classification of observations that are closely related to the model physical processes which are challenges faced by all scales of atmospheric models. Lin is also a key person in the department to carry out high-resolution cloud and climate modelings in a variety of supercomputing platforms.

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8 Aug 2018

Buildings and the atmosphere are intrinsically connected via cooling and heating systems. Global climate is projected to grow warmer, while an increasing fraction of the population living in urban centers. This introduces the challenge for new approaches to project future energy demand changes in cities....

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