National Older Women’s Housing and Homelessness Working Group


The National Older Women’s Housing and Homelessness Working Group comprised Felicity Reynolds, CEO, Mercy Foundation (National, based in New South Wales), Jeanette Large, CEO, WPI (Victoria), Dr Maree Petersen, Academic, The University of Queensland (Queensland), Dr Alice Clark, CEO, Shelter SA (South Australia), Karyn Walsh, CEO, Micah Projects Inc. (Queensland), Jeff Fiedler, National Development Worker, Housing for the Aged Action Group (Victoria), Frances Crimmins, CEO, YWCA Canberra (Australian Capital Territory), Dr Selina Tually, Academic, The University of Adelaide (South Australia), Gloria Sutherland, Women’s health researcher, The University of Notre Dame (Western Australia), Sally Kingdon Barbosa, CEO, Midland Women’s Health Care Place (Western Australia), Debbie Georgopoulos, CEO, Women’s Housing Company (New South Wales), Helen Dalley-Fisher, Manager, Equality Rights Alliance (National – based in Australian Capital Territory).

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A national plan for change – increasing housing security for older women
23 Aug 2018

This document outlines the issues facing older women living in housing insecurity or homelessness and identifies needed changes to policies and programs.

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