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A National Integrity Commission – options for Australia

21 Aug 2018

Since the 1990s, it has become clear that Australia’s federal public integrity system requires institutional strengthening to better deal with growing corruption risks. A long list of corruption problems have confirmed that the institutions of the 1970s are insufficient to manage these challenges.

This paper presents three options for more coherent strengthening of Australia’s federal public integrity system, through extension, replacement and rationalisation of previous reforms:

1. An integrity and anti-corruption coordination council

2. An independent commission against corruption (ICAC)

3. A custom-built Commonwealth Integrity Commission model

These options range from minimalist to comprehensive and are not mutually exclusive. They are intended to stimulate a more concrete discussion on the direction, purpose, scope and shape of reform needed for Australia to regain its position ‘ahead of the curve’ in public integrity and anti-corruption.

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