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Co-designing the waiting room of the future: considering a combination of the spatial, service, and technology layer through the lens of patients’ emotions

3 Sep 2018

Here, we report on the findings and outcomes of the Waiting Room of the Future Project which was conducted in collaboration with a local community health care provider (Access Health and Community). The aim of the provider is to lead innovative health provision in the region and as part of this to have a waiting room where their patients feel welcomed and cared-for. Previous research has shown that the experiences that patients have while waiting for their appointment has a direct impact on overall patient satisfaction levels. However, studies concerning waiting rooms in healthcare settings often provide little emphasis on emotional responses of stakeholders. Hence, the research presented here focuses on patients’ emotions as starting point for designing the patient experience in the waiting room. We demonstrate our emotion-led design approach and associated co-design methods. A photo documentation kit and a focus group, were used to ascertain future goals and aspired emotions from staff surrounding service delivery. Surveys distributed in the ACCESS H&C waiting room were used to discern how patients would like to feel when engaging with technology and services on-site, but also the acceptance of technologies in regards to scheduling, information provision and health self-management. We illustrate our findings concerning stakeholder experiences using goal models and rich picture mappings and how they were translated into spatial and application design. In considering the spatial, service, and technology layers in one study simultaneously we can compile a holistic waiting room concept that stretches beyond the physical space and caters to user needs across each layer. Lastly, we offer a variety of co-creative methods providing people a strong voice embedded in a design approach that allows key stakeholder to communicate their emotions. The waiting room concept is currently realised by our industry partner on their site.

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