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Founded in 2008, Land8: Landscape Architects Network is the social network for landscape architects with over 19,000 user profiles. Landscape architects use Land8 as a resource to read articles, ask questions to the community of users, find jobs, research, view design inspiration, network, and access resources.

In 2017, Land8 acquired Landscape Architects Network (, a prominent online resource dedicated to highlighting the work of landscape architects around the world.

Supported by its millions of visitors and social media followers, Land8: Landscape Architects Network promotes the profession of landscape architecture and provides a valuable resource for both professionals and those interested in the work of landscape architects.

Matt Alcide, Managing Partner & Editor-in-Chief
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Erin Monk-Tharp, Managing Editor
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12 Sep 2018

Global temperatures are rising. This is especially felt in urban areas due to the urban heat island (UHI) effect, where temperatures can be 10 degrees F (5.5 degrees C) higher than the surrounding countryside. This phenomenon is due to several factors that combine to alter...

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