Methamphetamine contamination: Housing New Zealand’s response

20 Sep 2018

The first part of the report discusses the development of Housing New Zealand’s governance and operational policies and processes in relation to methamphetamine in its properties. It responds directly to the questions above regarding Housing New Zealand procedures. Housing New Zealand’s external operating environment including relevant available guidance from the Ministry of Health, the Residential Tenancies Act and the Tenancy Tribunal’s approach is described.

Part one also includes a chronology of how Housing New Zealand’s policies and processes have evolved over time, and how these policies and processes were applied at various stages. A more detailed chronology is included in Appendix B.

Part one concludes with an outline of the changes Housing New Zealand is putting in place to enable a more compassionate approach, with the objective of supporting vulnerable families to sustain their tenancies.

The second part of the report discusses the outcomes of Housing New Zealand’s past approach to methamphetamine contamination, for the people living in Housing New Zealand houses. It also includes high level information about the outcome for contaminated properties.

The outcome of a review of a small number of cases is included, to determine whether there were any issues with how policies were applied with respect to individual tenants.

The third part of the report considers whether there are any systemic issues in how Housing New Zealand has determined and implemented governance and operational policy in relation to methamphetamine contamination. It discusses options and recommended further steps to address unfairness that has occurred to current and former tenants.

This report has been produced by an internal project team, overseen by an Ad Hoc Committee of the Housing New Zealand Board, Chaired by Deputy Chair Vui Mark Gosche. The report has been independently peer reviewed by Michael Mills, Director, MartinJenkins

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