Post‐election report of election commitments: medium‐term reporting

3 Oct 2018

This guidance note sets out how the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) will include the medium‐term financial impacts of election commitments in the next post‐election report.

In summary:

the next post‐election report will include the medium‐term estimates of the financial impacts for:

- the top ten policy proposals by dollar value

- any proposal with an impact of over $1 billion in a year

- proposals with a materially different impact beyond the forward estimates

- the overall election platform for each political party

the default assumption for the purposes of the post‐election report will be that all election commitments are ongoing over the medium term, unless otherwise stated by the political party

the report will present the aggregate impact of all election commitments over the medium term as a proportion of gross domestic product (GDP) for each party and the resulting final levels of key budget aggregates as a proportion of GDP for each party.  It will also show the impact of commitments to cap or otherwise limit total tax receipts.

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