Draft - Solar energy facilities: design and development guidelines

8 Oct 2018

These guidelines outline the assessment and development process for large-scale solar energy facilities in Victoria and provide advice on how potential impacts can be avoided or effectively managed. These guidelines will inform the development of positive and appropriate projects that enhance communities and support the transition to a clean and prosperous energy system.

They have been developed to provide information for applicants, the community, regulators and responsible authorities. The responsible authority for solar energy facility planning permit applications under the Planning and Environment Act 1987 and planning schemes is the local council.

These guidelines apply only to large-scale facilities, and do not apply to solar panel arrays that supply energy for an existing use of the land on which they are located. The first section, Policy, Planning and Legislative Requirements, sets out the framework in Victoria for planning and assessing proposals for solar energy facilities. The second section, Best Guidance for Proponents, gives proponents guidance on improving the quality of their development proposal, and effectively engaging with, and minimising impacts on, local communities.

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