Carers NSW 2018 carer survey: summary report

12 Oct 2018

Every two years Carers NSW conducts a statewide survey of family and friend carers to better understand what they want and need.

This summary report contains key insights about the carer population in New South Wales and highlights the successes and challenges carers are experiencing as they engage with the service system and with paid employment.

The Carers NSW 2018 Carer Survey built on the success of the 2016 survey in order to collect data regarding carers' lived experiences across a range of domains. More than 1,800 carers of diverse circumstances and backgrounds responded to the 2018 survey.

Key findings:

  • Carers tended to be included in decision making about disability and aged care services for the people they cared for, but were much less likely to be asked about their own needs
  • Many carers are spending more time organising support for the people they care for than they were two years ago
  • Respondents reported lower wellbeing than in previous Carers NSW Carer Surveys, and higher levels of psychological distress than the average carer in New South Wales
  • More than three quarters of carers qith a long-term illness or disability said that their caring responsibilities had contributed to their condition
  • Only one in four carers felt their caring role was recognised by their community
  • One in three wanted more access to respite, counselling or carer support groups
  • Forty per cent reported difficulty meeting their necessary living expenses

Results from the Carers NSW 2018 Carer Survey will continue to be analysed and disseminated, with subsequent publications to be made available on the Carers NSW website.

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