New Zealand’s screen industry: great work, great workers

Recommendations of the Film Industry Working Group to the government

17 Oct 2018

The Government convened the Film Industry Working Group (FIWG) in January 2018. We were tasked with coming up with recommendations on how to enable workers in the film industry to bargain collectively, while also:

  • Allowing screen production workers to continue to be engaged as contractors,
  • Providing certainty to encourage continued investment in New Zealand by screen production companies, and
  • Maintaining competition between businesses offering screen production services to promote a vibrant, strong and world-leading screen industry

The FIWG was convened to address the Government’s concerns about power imbalances in the industry in relation to bargaining, and in particular the fact that contractors doing film production work cannot bargain collectively under existing labour laws

The FIWG has held a series of meetings in Auckland and Wellington. The result of those meetings is that we have reached consensus on a way forward for the screen industry. We believe the resulting recommendations are a milestone for the industry and, if adopted, could be a long-lasting and durable foundation for future certainty and growth.

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