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Audio interview
22 February 2017

This interview traces the origins of fake news, which can be found in early newspaper journalism in 18th Century London and Paris.

Audio program
7 March 2016

Budget cuts to the National Library of Australia are forcing them to reconsider what material they can afford to keep digitising and adding to the Trove collection.

Audio interview
9 April 2015

Urban Studies Scholar Mike Berry revisits John Kenneth Galbraith's work in a post-global financial crisis economy where inequality is increasing.

Audio interview
12 March 2015

Are the findings of the Henry Tax Review still relevant or should we have another Tax White Paper?

Audio interview
27 January 2015

In 1980 ANU security expert Des Ball published, A Suitable Piece of Real Estate, about American installations in Australia. These military and intelligence bases are the cornerstone of...

Audio interview
25 November 2014

A state election to be decided by national issues?

Audio program
1 September 2014

Political donations, electoral funding and how they should be regulated. Reforming campaign finance rules is a difficult process in Australia and overseas. But NSW Liberal party premier Mike Baird...

Audio program
13 August 2014

Ever since the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami, the escalation in the number of natural disasters has seen the emergence of a new strand of design called Humanitarian Architecture.

Audio program
21 April 2014

How free from a religious or sacred dimension is our political system?

Audio program
12 March 2014

Before WW2, New Zealand was among the most egalitarian nations on earth, but recent OECD stats suggest that its once narrow gap is widening so fast, it’s now ranked second from the bottom. But in...