Discussion paper

Te Pūtake o Te Riri

6 Nov 2018

The ‘two-worlds’ analogy retains its stubborn hold. Two worlds mapped onto Niu Tireni, sharing space, differently placed. You say Raowmati, I say Raumati; You say Oohtackie, I say Ōtaki. Or as poet Robert Sullivan put it:

You say Treaty and I say Tiriti,

You say justice and I say hegemony,

Treaty, Tiriti, justice, hegemony…

Māori and Pākehā still talk past one another, if indeed Māori and Pākehā talk to each other, much less listen. Moreover, the relationship is structured according to a grossly uneven power play. White privilege in all its blind glory. Pākehā get all the air time. Māori have no option but to listen.

But should we really call the whole thing off?

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