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11 Sep 2012

Remote Australia is that part of the Australian landmass (approximately 85 per cent) distant from centres of economic and political decision-making. And yet it makes a significant contribution to national wealth with 60 per cent of the nation’s mining platform operating in remote Australia. Over...


1 Jan 2012

This report sets out the challenges of governance in remote Australia, advances a series of propositions and defining features of remote Australia and identifies ways to improve governance.


13 Oct 2011

This short essay argues that economic changes effected after the election of the Hawke-Keating government in 1983 marched in step with a corruption of political life.


9 Sep 2002

Globalisation has produced concern among the public in terms of its possible effects on job security. This paper sets to discover some of the determinants of the variation in public opinion between different countries and regions on this issue, analysing public opinion about the effects...



17 Jul 2002

Ian Marsh discusses the strengths and limitations of John Button's critique of Labor

FORMER Senator John Button’s wise and wide ranging critique of the Labor Party in his new book Beyond Belief: What Future for Labor? has attracted much attention. His essay explores...

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