Discussion paper

Draft national curriculum in English, maths, science and history

1 Mar 2010


Documents proposing the broad shape of the curriculum in each of these subjects were published in draft form in 2008 and, after extensive consultation, revised and published in early 2009. They have guided the work that is now provided as a detailed draft curriculum on which comment is sought.

Learning area information sheets

The following information sheets specifically for English, mathematics, science and history provide information on the key features of the curriculum, the differences and similarities between state/territory curriculums with that of the Australian Curriculum, and what international references have been used to develop the Australian Curriculum. These can be found on the ACARA website.


A draft national curriculum for K-10 English, mathematics, science and history will be open for public consultation until 23 May. See ACARA (58)for full details.


Image: Rusty Stewart / flickr

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