After Copenhagen

5 Mar 2010


Following the failure of the Copenhagen Conference to reach a consensus on the realities of climate change, the current crop of commentators hold starkly different views on our ability to grapple with our own potential extinction. In the Monthly Comment, Robert Manne weighs up the current predictions for the survival of the planet, contrasting the outlooks of Al Gore and Clive Hamilton. 
“For someone working at the cutting edge of a tough discipline like climate science, scepticism, open-mindedness, is vital. For someone ignorant of that discipline, scepticism amounts to little more than folly and hubris. But this now appeared of little moment. The more it became clear that nations did not possess the will to break the fossil fuel habit despite the increasingly alarming findings of the climate scientists, the more attractive did the anti-climate science message of the climate-change deniers become.”

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