An independent review of the Australian Public Service: a detailed consultation report

11 Dec 2018

In July 2018, the Independent Review of the Australian Public Service (the review) engaged Inside Policy to facilitate national consultations with Australian Public Service (APS) employees and members of the public.

The review examines whether the APS’s capability, culture and operating model are suited to harness the opportunities of a transformed Australian economy and society, in an increasingly complex global context.

This summary outlines the consultation approach, findings and implications.

The focus of the consultations was to generate feedback on the purpose of the APS, its role in the future and to test ideas on certain end-states the APS should aspire to achieve by 2030. The consultations also sought to build momentum for and understanding of the APS independent review.

A total of 481 individuals participated in 29 face-to-face workshops held in 16 locations. This included 16 four-hour workshops for APS employees and 13 1.5-hour workshops for members of the public. 387 APS employees and 94 members of the public participated in these consultations. Forty-eight agencies were represented in the APS employee workshops.

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