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Professor David Adamson is currently Emeritus Professor at the University of South Wales and Research and Development Manager for Compass Housing Group in Newcastle, Australia.

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17 Apr 2017

Our cities are increasingly beset by a lack of affordable housing, inequality, lagging infrastructure – the list goes on. To the rescue, we now have the New Urban Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). But how can they help?

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15 Jun 2016

We have to move the housing conversation beyond a game of political football about negative-gearing winners and losers. Australia needs a bipartisan, long-term, housing policy. Why? Because we have a slow-burn, deepening crisis that is affecting Australians who are already highly vulnerable and disadvantaged. They...


9 May 2016

For the past decade in Australia there has been a growing awareness of a housing crisis and the absence of a national strategy to address it.

Housing issues have entered popular consciousness through comprehensive media coverage of an affordability crisis and the emergence of...


29 Apr 2010

Large scale forest plantations in the Murray-Darling Basin may be embraced as a carbon sequestration mechanism under a Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme. This paper looks at their impact.

Increased tree plantations will be associated with reduced inflows to river systems because of increased transpiration,...

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