Morag McArthur

First Name: Morag
Last Name: McArthur
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Briefing paper
1 March 2017

This issue of the Research to Practice Series explores what works to help people make the choice to become a foster carers, and the strategies that can assist in supporting and retaining...

Literature review
1 December 2016

This report aims to review the literature available on what works to help people to make the complicated choice to become a home-based carer, and on the evidence regarding retention of these...

7 September 2016

This study attempts to better understand children and young people’s perceptions of safety within institutions, and their views on how adults and institutions are responding to their safety needs...

Briefing paper
30 August 2016

This issue explores children and young people’s views about safety in institutions, what they believe makes an institution safe for children and young people, and what advice they would give...

Briefing paper
20 January 2016

Linking the findings of research undertaken by ICPS, to the development of policy and practice in the area of child, youth and family welfare, this paper explores children and young people's...

17 October 2015

This mixed-methods study aimed to provide in-depth and contextualised data about how services may better support refugee parents to care for their children.

25 August 2015

Using the data from 10 focus groups of pre-schoolers, children and young people in the ACT, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland this report provides an understanding of how children perceive...

30 April 2013

Questions relating to identity and meaning are fundamental questions of life. As such, they have been the subject of study by scholars across a diverse range of disciplines, including psychology,...

Literature review
4 December 2012

The aim of the review is to assess the current state of evidence about what interventions are most effective in working with young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.