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20 Jul 2014

This report maps the Australian economy by the location of economic activity, defined as the dollar value of goods and services produced by workers within a particular area.


Eighty per cent of the value of all goods and services produced in...

Research report

20 Oct 2013

This report argues that government tax and welfare policies, by favouring homeowners and property investors over people who rent, are increasing the divide between Australians who own housing and those who do not.


Housing policy in Australia is overdue for a...

Research report

5 May 2013

Most Australians live and work in cities. They are essential to generating growth and to creating and distributing opportunities. Cities are shaped by where people live, where they work, and how they get around. When these three things are in tune with the structure of...

Research report

19 Sep 2012

The fringes of Australian cities are growing at a remarkable rate. But these new neighbourhoods won’t stay new for long. Over time, the profile and needs of their residents will change, as people move in and out, age, or their life circumstances alter in other...

Research report

27 Mar 2012

This report looks at ways to make cities better places to live by increasing our opportunities to connect with other people. It examines how the design and functioning of a city – from transport networks to the availability of parks and sporting grounds to the...

Research report

22 Sep 2011

What Matters Most? explores people’s housing priorities. Is having a garden more important than access to public transport? How important is it to us to live close to work? And do these priorities differ across age groups and household types?

As an extension...

Research report

20 Jun 2011

Exploring the relationship between the housing we want, and the housing we have, this report presents original research on the housing preferences of Australians.

A representative sample of over 700 residents in Sydney and Melbourne was asked to make real-world housing choices, limited...

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25 Oct 2010

A new report by The Grattan Institute titled Cities: who decides? looks closely at eight successful OS cities and asks - is there something in the way they make decisions - that has impacted on their success?

Jane-Frances Kelly, author of the report and...

Research report

18 Oct 2010

Grattan Institute's second Cities program investigates decision making in eight of the world’s most successful cities, and asks what governance arrangements accompanied their broad-based improvement.

Every city has a different story, but among these differences a number of common themes emerged. These included...

Research report

2 Jul 2010

The most important characteristic of a city is whether it meets the needs of its residents, both material and psychological. Despite the fact that these needs are central to our lives, they are often at the periphery of conversations about the future of Australian cities....

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