George Myconos

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Discussion paper

14 Aug 2018

This paper explores the experiences of young early school leavers undertaking vocational education to illuminate broader issues of equity and access. We argue that to overcome many of the sector’s shortcomings, policymakers and provider communities must first affirm equity and access as central to the...

Research report

5 Dec 2017

This research looks at why young, early school leavers are not considering VET as a means of gaining skills, and why, if they do start a VET course, some disengage and drop out.

Research report

22 Sep 2016

This research aims to shed light on the role of private providers in delivering training to a particular cohort of learners - young people who have left school early. The authors surveyed 130 private ‘for profit’ registered training organisations (RTOs) to find out their perspectives...

Research report

19 Dec 2014

The Brotherhood of St Laurence ‘Community VCAL’ program is a response to widespread concern in Victoria about youth disengagement from secondary education. Operating in Frankston since 2010, it enables 15–18 year olds who have encountered significant challenges to undertake the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning—a...

Research report

20 Aug 2010

This study of a recycling pilot project (HaRP) in the Fitzroy and Collingwood high-rise public housing estates found that many households had become involved in recycling, and so reduced the amount of recyclable material sent to landfill.

It also highlighted the challenges...

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