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The price of fear: Dialogue 2010 volume 29 number 2

20 Aug 2010

Latest issue of the Journal of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia. This edition includes articles by Tim Lindsey, Michael Kirby and Riaz Hassan

Table of contents
  • President's Report - Barry McGaw
  • The Price of Fear
    • Life as a Weapon: Making Sense of Suicide Bombings
      Riaz Hassan
    • Fear, Asylum, and Hansonism in Australian Politics
      William Maley
    • Alien Fears: Politics and Immigration Control
      Mary Crock
    • 'Preposterous Caricatures': Fear, Tokenism, Denial and the Australia-Indonesia Relationship
      Tim Lindsey
    • Fear: Crime and Punishment
      Chris Cunneen
    • AIDS and Religion: 'This Wave of Hate Must Stop'
      Michael Kirby
  • Books
    • Genetics of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
      Mark A Bellgrove
  • Academy News and Workshop Reports
    • An Ethics for Living in the Anthropocene
      Katherine Gibson, Ruth Fincher and Deborah Bird Rose
    • Philanthropy and Public Culture: The influence and legacies of the Carnegie Corporation of New York in Australia
      Kate Darian-Smith, Julie McLeod and Glenda Sluga
    • Unsettling the Settler State: Creativity and resistance in Indigenous-Settler state governance
      Morgan Brigg, Sarah Maddison and Jon Altman
  • Roundtable Reports

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