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Research report

23 May 2017

This study aimed to find whether the Safer Pathway program is more effective in reducing domestic violence related offences (e.g. physical assault, threats of physical assault, intimidation) than the conventional response to such offences.

Research report

7 Apr 2015

Aims: To describe the characteristics of those found guilty of breaching an Apprehended Domestic Violence Order (ADVO) in NSW in 2013 and the principal penalties they received.

Method: BOCSAR’s Criminal Courts database provided information regarding the demographic characteristics of, and penalties imposed...

Research report

8 Dec 2014

Aims: To determine: 1) whether providing legal advice to defendants in Apprehended Domestic Violence Order (ADVO) proceedings reduces the frequency with which ADVOs are breached; 2) what defendants and stakeholders think about the pilot legal advice service provided to defendants by Legal Aid NSW....

Research report

30 Jan 2014

Aim: To assess whether the NSW Alcohol-MERIT program improves the health and wellbeing of defendants.

Method: Before their participation in the Alcohol-MERIT program, the health and wellbeing of 123 defendants was measured using the SF-36, Kessler-10 psychological distress scale and the SADQ...

Research report

3 Jul 2013

This study aimed to determine whether being referred to the Court Referral of Eligible Defendants into Treatment (CREDIT) pilot program reduces re-offending.

Method: Using propensity score matching, adult defendants referred to the CREDIT program, who had their matter finalised in court by 30...

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